Need Cheap afordable web design/development done? that's what SP34K DEVELOPMENT is here for we provide a service that's fast and cheap. I cannot list prices because we happen to be freelance, the price depends on the size of the project how advanced it is and weather its for non profit, business, personal uses. below is a list of a few different things we will do, if you would like to request work please fill out the form below.

  • Web Design / Development
  • SP34K Development offers a variety of solutions to fit your needs from small business to personal.
  • Computer Tech / Repair
  • Having trouble with your computer? No problem! SP34K Development is ready to assist in getting you up and running. We are ready to help you with upgrading software and hardware, formatting, virus removal, and even a 101 crash course to get your foot in the door!
  • Network Setup
  • SP34K Development is ready to help you get the most of your network! From small business to personal home networks we have you covered. Implimenting the latest technology to suit your needs however large or small they may be. We are ready to help you setup a new network and make sure everything is setup to maximise performance so you can rest easy. We are also able to trouble shoot any network problems you may be experiencing.
  • Custom Rigs
  • SP34K Development understands the importance of efficiency, and meeting these needs for everyone is a must! We offer advice on purchacing a system to fit your needs. We also will design and build a custom system that will deliver the performance for anything you wish to do from a system used to organize your photos documents and check your email all the way to high performance systems for video editing or high intensity gaming. We are here to help you build the system you need!

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