SP34K Development has been working on many projects. Our vision is clear and we cant wait to share our ideas with the world. We are currently working on powering some very slick stuff for educational purposes. keep checking back!

  1. ADK Peak Bagger
  2. This project is nearing completition, However, We have put it on hold for the time being. Currently we are working on finishing up some more time pressing and important projects. We have not forgotten about this one and we will be back at it soon!
    Launch Project - Coming Soon!
  3. Hemp Is Natural
  4. This project is nearing completion and we are charging full steam ahead on it, all the stops have been pulled out! we are really excited to launch this educational project. We currently do not have a projected launch date, however, keep checking back for more updates on this.
    Launch Project
  5. Project Name
  6. Project details here.
    Launch Project - Coming Soon!
  7. Project Name
  8. Project details here.
    Launch Project - Coming Soon!


SP34K Development Launches
SP34K Development has launched! Please excuse the mess as we are still working on the website. Things should be cleaned up soon.

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